Add a Call-to-Action

This is your chance to engage your ask and add messaging below the video that you have created. The UReach Video Landing Page “Call-to-Action” is a title that appears below your UReach Video. Calendly Link If you use Calendly and add your Calendly Booking Link it will embed below the Call to action. This text […]

Using UReach video for email campaigns

Looking for that added personal touch to your emails? Why not include a UReach video! For many people, cold, out-of-the-blue emails are often negatively received. Little interest is paid to them, and response rate percentages are in the single figures. But what if there was a way to stand out from the crowd, to pique […]

Adding a Text Heading

This is a longer text field just below the Title on your Landing Page. It’s not required but adds a great opportunity to add additional information and context about why you’re reaching out. The KennectedReach Video Landing Page “Description” is a long-form text opportunity below the title. This is a great way to add context […]

Editing UReach Video Templates

Want to change an existing template, its easy! Jump into the Templates tab, select KennectedReach Video, and make changes. When editing a Video you can only change and remove the scrolling pattern. If you want to change the Video or narration, make a new one – there’s no limit to the number of videos you […]

UReach Video Heading

This is the first message and custom field on the UReach landing Page. It’s not required but adds a great opportunity to add a personalized introduction. Adding a “Title” creates a bold customizable heading at the top of your KennectedReach Video Landing Page. This is a great way to engage your prospect using a variable […]

UReach Video Landing Page

When UReach Videos are sent you can optimize the landing page the recipient receives. KennectedReach Video is now sent with a customizable landing page that lets you engage your prospects with customizable messaging and frictionlessly direct them to your CTA. You can update your: KennectedReach Tips

Retargeting Using UReach Reports .CSV’s

Circle back and follow up with existing prospects and other profiles that have been targeted in the past to reactivate automation towards key people. Retargeting Using UReach Reports .CSV’s One of KennectedReach’s most powerful features enables you to retarget profiles that exist within your Sales Engagement Dashboard. To launch your retargeting campaigns and reach selected people from your […]

LinkedIn Message Sequence #6 – Logistics/Trucking

Logistic and Trucking Clients have proven success using the following messaging sequence. Step 1 Hi {first_name}, great to connect with someone from {company_name}’s logistics department. I work for ((COMPANY NAME)). We specialize in trucking and logistics for the ((INDUSTRY NAME)) industry. We have helped many companies like {company_name} increase efficiency and reduce logistics costs. Is […]

Sending a Prospect CSV Report to an Email

It’s easy to share insights on your prospects via UReach! By creating a CSV report on a prospect, you can share information and insights on them with any of your colleagues. Exporting their data can streamline your intra-business operations, improving communication and correspondence between employees. If you’re looking to share prospect details, you’ll want to […]

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Target your ideal profiles by leveraging LinkedIn’s powerful persona-driven targeting system.   This targeting method requires a sales navigator subscription and allows you to leverage detailed target criteria available on LinkedIn. Filter prospects and target profiles using the most popular target criteria: Step 1: Access your Sales Navigator Filter Search Step 2: Review your results […]