Looking for that added personal touch to your emails? Why not include a UReach video!

For many people, cold, out-of-the-blue emails are often negatively received. Little interest is paid to them, and response rate percentages are in the single figures.

But what if there was a way to stand out from the crowd, to pique the interest of your prospects and entice them into a response? Introducing: UReach video!

How does it work? You record a short audio introducing yourself and your product over a video scrolling through a prospect’s LinkedIn profile. The scrolling pattern is remembered, and the profile changed to match that of the prospect you’ll be sending the video to. And UReach automates this process over the many different prospects throughout your campaign.

And UReach video works with email too! UReach can fetch work emails from LinkedIn profiles if you enrich the prospects from your dashboard. This way, you can create personalized emails and increase the chances of getting a response.

To add UReach videos to your email campaigns, simply click on the “Insert UReach Video” button when prompted as you add your action in your campaign.