Why hasn’t my campaign started yet?

Explaining delays that you may see when starting a new sequence. Several factors can play into a new campaign beginning to send invitations or messages. It is not uncommon for these to take up to 24 hours to begin the activity. The first activity you will see on a campaign will always be prospects pulling […]

I received a reply but don’t see it in my Ureach Inbox.

Explanations of sync times for the inbox. You see a reply on LinkedIn but don’t see it in your KennectedReach portal. This is likely due to the sync delay between the two platforms. This measure is in place to help keep accounts safe, as constant syncing isn’t natural.  You may have noticed in your “Settings” […]

Why are some prospects going into “Pending”?

Finding out if your Account Limits are interfering with your campaign function. A few things can cause prospects to fall into the “Pending” category. This common issue often has an easy fix.  You will first navigate to your “Settings” tab and then to “Account Limits.” Once you are here, you will check your “Views of […]