Explaining delays that you may see when starting a new sequence.

Several factors can play into a new campaign beginning to send invitations or messages. It is not uncommon for these to take up to 24 hours to begin the activity.

The first activity you will see on a campaign will always be prospects pulling into the “New” category.

This is where the campaign puts prospects “in line” to receive the message or connection request. Once it has pulled the designated number of prospects (based on the “Pages Searched” section of the “Account Limits”), it will start sending activity outbound. 

As long as you start seeing prospects pull into the new category, even if it hasn’t sent any connection requests yet (or very few), the sequence is working.

There could be an additional delay if you also have other sequences running due to the platform splitting activity among the campaigns. The daily activity is not split evenly on a day-to-day basis but over the course of a 30-day period.