Target your ideal profiles by leveraging LinkedIn’s powerful persona-driven targeting system.


This targeting method requires a sales navigator subscription and allows you to leverage detailed target criteria available on LinkedIn.

Filter prospects and target profiles using the most popular target criteria:

  • Geography;
  • Industry;
  • Seniority Level;
  • Function;
  • Company Headcount;
  • Keywords.

Step 1: Access your Sales Navigator Filter Search

Step 2: Review your results & Copy the Link

Step 3: Paste the Link and Add the Search

Step 4: Start Campaign

KennectedReach Tips:

  • The maximum search size is 2,500 profiles. Sales Navigator shows 100 pages with 25 profiles each;
  • Use Keywords filter to hone and articulate a more defined list;
  • Target LinkedIn Group Members by using the filter options at the bottom.