This is your chance to engage your ask and add messaging below the video that you have created.

The UReach Video Landing Page “Call-to-Action” is a title that appears below your UReach Video.

Calendly Link

If you use Calendly and add your Calendly Booking Link it will embed below the Call to action. This text is a great way to introduce you’re Calendly booking embedded.

Any other Link

If you’re not using Calendly, UReach will convert your Call-to-Action into a Button that’s embedded with the link included in the Call-to-Action Link. 

Adding a Call-to-Action

  1. Click on the Settings Cog (⚙️) to open your video Preferences panel.
  2. In the fillable field under “Description” create your Call-to-Action.
  3. Click the drop-down to access more custom variables.

UReach Tips

  • This is frictionless CTA engagement. Use it to your advantage, make it easy, and make it count.
  • Think through your call to action. What do you want the outcome of your video to be?
  • Consider whether you are using Calendly or another meeting link.
  • Is your aim to direct website traffic, “Check out our website” or something else like “Here’s our Case Study”/ “Here’s our white paper”