Circle back and follow up with existing prospects and other profiles that have been targeted in the past to reactivate automation towards key people.

Retargeting Using UReach Reports .CSV’s

One of KennectedReach’s most powerful features enables you to retarget profiles that exist within your Sales Engagement Dashboard.

To launch your retargeting campaigns and reach selected people from your database with a new offering, you need to work off of your Reports tab and manipulate the CSV export.


How to Pull Profiles

Use your exported profile report from the Reports tab, rename your columns and start sending your campaigns.

How to Use Your Profile Report

Your profile reports let you identify the most engaged prospect of your previous campaigns, highlighting the actions they have taken. Using those insights, you can retarget selected profiles for continued engagement.

For instance, you may want to send them a new campaign because they conducted a desired action in the past (e.g. by clicking a certain link in the previous campaign).

Select a column of your choice and reuse it as your custom field to continue with an even more personalized approach in the new campaign. 

See the following example:

1. Rename the column Emails Opened as “custom_field_1” to let people know that you saw them open your email and which email it was by the subject;

2. You can do the same with Links Clicked.

Here are the most commonly changed fields:


UReach Tips:

  • Retargeting is a great strategy to get back in front of the most engaged people who you haven’t closed yet;
  • Sort profiles in your database by Lead Score to find and retarget your most engaged prospects.