For quick replies and maximum efficiency, check out this guide on how to utilize variables in saved responses

If you find yourself sending the same message over and over to different prospects, we have great news! 

As a kennectedreach user, you can create and draft saved responses for use with whoever you want – and with a twist. Variables – 

Variables are key elements that can be used in your outreach, that allow you to leverage the most valuable data points and personalize messaging to the prospect you are connecting to. 

Most Popular Variables Include:

First Name: {first_name};

Company Name: {company_name}; 

Job Title: {occupation};

Profile Location: {location}.

Plus more!

Bringing It All Together

Once you begin to create your saved response, you may find you would like to personalize it. This is where you can utilize our variables. 

Rather than typing out the prospects name, role, company, etcetera, you may choose to utilize these variables to maximize your efficiency and hyper-personalize your inbox responses. 

This provides the opportunity to increase engagement and connect with prospects past what appears as automated messaging.

In order to utilize these variables,

1. Complete all of the steps to create saved responses and reach this page


2. From here, begin your messaging and click on the variables that you would like to utilize.

3. When you send your messaging, these variables will auto-fill with their information and make it much more efficient for your outreach!