There are many different ways to source leads and engage prospects. Try different strategies to get in front of your ideal target group.


Find Prospects using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, LinkedIn Posts, ZoomInfo and Crunchbase

KennectedReach allows you to target any LinkedIn profile URL obtained from any data source of your choice. The largest data sources available within our network include:

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator;
  • LinkedIn Post;
  • ZoomInfo;
  • Crunchbase.

Our extensive database allows our clients to target different prospects using those channels as search engines that exist out of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is our recommended and most popular targeting system. The solution enables you to target professionals by their job title, company size and more.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lead Lists

Lead Lists differ from Sales Navigator searches because they are handpicked profiles unique to each of our clients’ profiles. When using Lead Lists, you can target more precise or custom-built groups with your outreach campaigns than you might be able to get from a high-level Sales Navigator search.

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

The most popular choice for our recruiting clients. Whether those are recruiters targeting candidates and new job orders or HR/Talent Acquisition teams at the largest organizations looking to build and expand their talent funnel, our tool has got everyone covered.


LinkedIn Post Engagement

KennectedReach can target people who engage with any post or promoted ad published by any LinkedIn profile, company or influencer. We see this as targeting by intent. Rather than utilizing a list of people by their job title, we can target profiles by actions they have taken on LinkedIn. You can target either people who viewed your competitors’ publications or even your own posts to engage the audience you think might be interested most in your offering.


While it may be considered expensive, ZoomInfo is revered by its users for the quality of contact information it provides. Data exports from ZoomInfo often contain LinkedIn Profile URLs. 

This is great for a few reasons:

  • You can leverage unique data sourcing (ex. company revenue & sales insights);
  • While also seeing up to 50-80% accuracy on Email and Telephone data.

You can upload LinkedIn Profile URLs from a .CSV file directly in KennectedReach.


Revered as a source of truth for investors and businesses when it comes to many things, their largest impact surrounds financial estimates and funding. Crunchbase’s CSV export contains LinkedIn URLs and information on recently completed funding rounds.

Our clients leverage this to encourage businesses who are coming off of big funding rounds and to congratulate company executives using the {custom_field} variable within KennectedReach. Although LinkedIn supports targeting by revenue, and you can also save executives to a Save List, it is relatively difficult to do so. The process is simply easier and more intuitive with Crunchbase.

KennectedReach Tips:

  • To reach the right people, you can also easily retarget selected profiles using .CSV file