A cadence designed to get meetings booked in IT and Infrastructure.


Step 1

Hi {first_name}, thank you for accepting my invitation! It’s great to connect with someone from {company_name}.

I work with ((COMPANY NAME)). We provide IT services and infrastructure to many companies in your industry.

Our systems feature robust security, and we are ((ACCREDITATION TYPE)) accredited.

I’m certain there are many ways {company_name} can benefit from ((COMPANY NAME)) solutions. Are you available for a call sometime over the next week to discuss it more thoroughly? I promise not to take more than XX minutes of your time.

Step 2

Hey {first_name}. I just thought I’d follow up on my previous message.


Once I know your main challenges and requirements, I can put together a custom IT solution for you.

If you aren’t available for a call, perhaps we can connect over email?

Step 3

Hi {first_name}. I thought I’d try to set up a call between us one last time.

We can design a bespoke, flexible IT solution to meet {company_name}’s requirements.

If you have XX minutes for a call, I’d love to demonstrate how ((COMPANY NAME)) help save you money, mitigate IT vulnerabilities, and increase your cyber security.

I’m happy to connect at a time that’s suitable for you.