Targeting Sales and Marketing? Here’s a proven sequence to get meetings booked!


Step 1

Thank you for accepting my invitation! It’s great to connect with you {first_name}. As I said in my invite, I’m trying to expand my network with marketing professionals.

I work with ((YOUR COMPANY)), and we have a fantastic product that ((INSERT USP)).

Could I ask for XX minutes of your time to demonstrate how we can help {company_name} generate more revenue?

Step 2

Hi {first_name}, just touching base. I know you probably get many people trying to pitch you the next best thing!

If you don’t have the time to meet, could I pop you an email that briefly explains what ((PRODUCT)) does? I’m certain you will see the benefits for {company_name}!

Step 3

Hi {first_name}. I know I’m persistent, but I also know that our product delivers results. I promise not to take more than XX minutes of your time.

I look forward to connecting with you.