A cadence designed to get meetings booked.

Step 1

Thanks for accepting my invitation {first_name}. Would you be open to an XX-minute meeting? I’d love to demonstrate one of our new products that I know will help you and {company_name} generate more revenue.

I promise not to take more than XX minutes of your time. Is it possible to set something up for next week?

Step 2

Hi {first_name}. I realize you might not have the time to meet with me. Could I send you a summary?

Step 3

Hey {first_name}, sorry to bother you again. I promise this will be my last message. 🙂

It’s just that I know our product will help you generate the results your company seeks. It’d be also a great pleasure to have {company_name} as a client! This LinkedIn post provides a quick overview of our product and how it’s helped companies similar to {company_name} generate numerous business outcomes.