Learn how to properly search for your desired target audience on LinkedIn to maximize success.

Steps for Building Your Search

  1. Go to your LinkedIn Profile
  2. To start your search, you can use a set of quotation marks (Ex. “”) as a placeholder, or if you have a qualifier you want to use, like “open to work,” you can enter that here.  
  1. Press Enter and start your search
  2. Select “People
  3. Click on the “Connections” dropdown and click “2nd Degree” 
  4. Your search must include a minimum of one selection in “Locations
  5. Add any other filters you want, like Industry, Company, Language, or Title. For titles, utilize the “Keywords” filters. If you have multiple titles you would like to search for, use a boolean format (Ex. “Owner” OR “Founder” OR “Co-Founder”)
    Special Note: If you want to search based on a school, please do not use the built-in school filter. Include the name of the school in your Boolean search with “AND” using the exact wording for the school’s LinkedIn page.
  6. It’s important that your search has under 1,000 results (2,500 if you’re in a Sales Navigator search) for the sequence to be able to access the full list of results. You may need to make adjustments to your filters. Splitting a large audience up by “Locations” is typically a good strategy. 
  7. When ready, your search will look something like this! Copy the URL, and then navigate to your new campaign.

Paste the URL under “+ New Search” and then “Add Search”