Do you use a lot of templates? Here’s how to filter out the ones you need.

UReach Templates are ideal for substantial marketing campaigns, as they allow for more efficient automation. What’s more, they don’t compromise the personal feel of your messages, as you can include variables that automatically insert the details relevant to each specific person.

Depending on how many campaigns you have, you might start to find that you’re amassing a large amount of templates. As a result, finding the right templates to use might be increasingly difficult.

That’s why KennectedReach has introduced filters for your templates. When creating your templates, you can assign labels to them, such as “First Message” or “LinkedIn Message”. In this way, you can filter your templates to find the ones with specific labels.

To do this, first head to the “Templates” tab from the left-hand side menu on your dashboard.

On the right-hand side, there will be a “Filter” section. Here, you can select which types of filter you want to apply, and filter your templates by label and type. You’ll also be able to see which templates you’ve assigned the “Favorite” label to.

Now you can successfully manage your templates without worrying about collecting too many. After all, the more the merrier with UReach!