Upload your own data directly into UReach. This allows you to put exported lists and other profile data to work.

How to format and upload .CSV files from 3rd party data sources

KennectedReach accepts .CSV files from 3rd party data sources that contain at least the column “Link” with the URLs of the profiles you want to target. Before uploading your file into KennectedReach, make sure it’s properly formatted. You may also use other variables that exist within your file. 

.CSV File Formatting Best Practices

All column headers are case-sensitive and must be spelled exactly as shown in the sample. The CSV file must contain a column named “Link” that includes the URL of each of your leads. It may also contain such fields as:

  • Email; 
  • Work_email;
  • Full_name;
  • First_name;
  • Last_name;
  • Position;
  • Phone;
  • Company_name;
  • Twitter;
  • Website.

Download sample


Using Your Own Data Points

Using the fields above will override the data our system pulls. If you have a good source, you will be able to pull work emails and other key data with ease.

Using {Custom_Fields}

Custom fields allow you to pull variables of your choice (i.e. Seed Round Funding, Company Revenue, or Relevant News) directly from your favorite data source and use that data point in your outreach campaigns.

How to Upload a CSV

Adding a CSV file to your dashboard is as easy as using any other source or filter list. To start, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Go to Campaigns Tab
  2. Click the Add Search button
  3. Select From CSV File
  4. Navigate to your file and upload it
  5. Finally, click Start Campaign or Save as Draft