Looking for ways of finding new leads? With the UReach campaign sequences, it’s easy to find prospects.

There are two different ways of sequencing your campaigns with UReach. After the initial steps of creating your campaign, you can select either one of the two sequences.

The first is the standard sequence, where you can select the actions to proceed with in a specific order. The second sequence is for smart campaigns, and allows you more freedom to choose the order and conditions in which your actions happen.

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Use A/B tests

A great way of finding out what works and what doesn’t is with A/B testing. These can help you hone in on your target audience and find new leads as a result. It’s also a great way of testing out your ideal customer profile to see if you’re targeting the right people.

A/B tests are only available with the second form of sequencing. You should include this action as your first step before splitting your campaign into two, targeting two halves of your desired reach to see what works best and find the leads that will ultimately bring you deals.

Data-enriched campaigns

KennectedReach uses a huge database of over 150 million contacts and 11 million companies to supplement your campaign sequences for new leads. 

What’s more, it’s important to use the right copy in your campaign sequences, so you maximize your response rate and generate the best leads possible.